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Re: Faking the Root dir

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Philip Thiem wrote:

> Hey I would wondering if by change there is a program that can make
> another program think that the root directory is another directory???  I
> have a program, I'm packaging, that has some wrapper program, that are
> compiled, but these get hardcoded value.  So I cann't tell it to install
> to debian/tmp/..... I'm going through the script try to figure out a
> solution, but a directory redirection ultility like I describe would be
> a much quicker solution...... Another would
> be editing the wrapper programs myself, and removing the configuration
> code...

I recently came up with a generic approach for solving the problem of
configure only accepting prefixes which contain tcl/tk,kdelibs etc. but
your problem is worse as it will most likely have to be solved by
actually editing Makefiles (no big deal...) or even the source. Let me
know if you find a more elegant way of solving this mess !!!


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