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Re: what are the latest debian packaging tools.

Le Fri, Sep 04, 1998 at 11:26:22AM +0200, Sven écrivait:


> this is true, and a bit sad, it would be very nice to have this solved ...

Of course.

> seriously tough, in the new maintainer doc it says that encrypting is not permitted in francebut signature yes ? does anyone know something about it ?

It's quite right but PGP is not a tool for signing but also a tool for
encrypting. So PGP is probably forbidden. But don't stress there are
quite a lot of people who use PGP in France and there has never been
any problem AFAIK.

For more information about the laws, you could have a look (it's in
French) at http://www.aui.fr/Projets/Crypto/crypto-faq.html

> also pgp only wait a cerytain tilme for the pass phrase, so i can not let the thing compile at night time, and then wake up in the morning to sign it.

Wrong. Look at the build manpage :

       If you find that dpkg-buildpackage is still prompting  you
       for  a  pgp password then set the environent variable PGP­
       PASS to the password you use and it will  work  completely
       without  asking  any  questions. Note that doing this on a
       multiuser system is a potential problem since other  users
       might  find  ways  to have a look at your environment set­
       tings in .profile, through the /proc interface, with ps or
       with  some other means. See the pgp documentation for more
       details on the issue.

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