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Re: what are the latest debian packaging tools.

On Friday 4 September 1998, at 11 h 26, the keyboard of Sven 
<luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:

> this is true, and a bit sad, it would be very nice to have this solved ...

Just do it... I considered adopting the Packaging HOWTO which seems orphan but 
it is work and I'm lazy :-}

> ha, ... there is were build, dch and friend are hidden, i was never ablze to 
> finbd them

I had the same problem. grep in the Packages file is your friend.

> seriously tough, in the new maintainer doc it says that encrypting is not per
>mitted in francebut signature yes ? does anyone know something about it ?

I do (I studied the law, I even asked for a formal authorization of PGP - 
refused - and I participated in several official hearings about it).

The Debian documentation is misleading. It says that you *can* use 
cryptography in France for authentification. But the law says you can use only 
a program which *cannot* do anything else than authentification. Therefore, my 
formal appliance for a PGP clearance (signature only) was refused because "PGP 
can be used for other purposes". (PGP is not forbidden in France, you just 
have to request a clearance which is always refused.)

So, people living in France are formally forbidden to participate to the 
Debian project. So much for the influence of France in the world.

According to a recent discussion on debian-french, most french Debian 
packagers choose the following solution: thrice a week, they take a plane to a 
free country (Germany is the closest from you, you just have to cross the 
Rhine with your bicyle) with a floppy, they sign and upload the packages there 
and they come back to France after that.

> it is quite annoying to have te rebuild everything when some small step at the end of the > build process goes bad
> (like in the gtk package, it compiles a lot and then ask me about sgml2html t
>hat i didn't have installed, so i had to install it, wait hours and then 
>r problem occurs. (i use dpkg-buildpackage)

make -f debian/rules

already helps.

> also pgp only wait a cerytain tilme for the pass phrase, so i can not let the
> thing compile at night time, and then wake up in the morning to sign it.

PGP can read the passphrase from an environment variable (I forgot which one, see the documentation), which is safe on a mono-user machine. I believe there is an option of build to tell it *not* to invoke PGP, see the documentation.

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