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Re: what are the latest debian packaging tools.

> IMHO, that's one of the problems that beginners packagers have: there are 
> several docs, which say different things (because they have been written at 
> > different time and not upgraded) and they often let you alone very soon (for 
> instance, they talk about initial packaging and not about upgrading, whether 
> it is because of a new upstream release or because of changes in your 
> packaging).

this is true, and a bit sad, it would be very nice to have this solved ...

> build for.... building (in package devscripts)
> dch for managing changelog (in package devscripts)

ha, ... there is were build, dch and friend are hidden, i was never ablze to finbd them
and was searching for them ever since i read in the First package howto that i should use 
ythem ...

> And it's enough to build nice packages (you'll need some utilities like pgp 
> but be careful since you live in France).

i have no problem in becoming a dangerous terrorist, so long as the debian people don't 
sell me out to the autorithies :)

seriously tough, in the new maintainer doc it says that encrypting is not permitted in francebut signature yes ? does anyone know something about it ?

apart from that, i have a quite slow machine, and it often take me hours to compile a package,

it is quite annoying to have te rebuild everything when some small step at the end of the build process goes bad

(like in the gtk package, it compiles a lot and then ask me about sgml2html that i didn't have installed, so i had to install it, wait hours and then another problem occurs. (i use dpkg-buildpackage)

also pgp only wait a cerytain tilme for the pass phrase, so i can not let the thing compile at night time, and then wake up in the morning to sign it.



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