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Re: what are the latest debian packaging tools.

On Thursday 3 September 1998, at 17 h 37, the keyboard of Sven 
<luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:

> debhelper ? deb-make dpkg-dev ? its a bit confusing, is there a  doc on this somewhere ?

IMHO, that's one of the problems that beginners packagers have: there are 
several docs, which say different things (because they have been written at 
different time and not upgraded) and they often let you alone very soon (for 
instance, they talk about initial packaging and not about upgrading, whether 
it is because of a new upstream release or because of changes in your 

I assume this is because Debian is a lot of work and volunteers are not a lot. 

As an absolute beginner myself, I use:

deb-make for initial packaging (in package debmake)
build for.... building (in package devscripts)
dch for managing changelog (in package devscripts)

And it's enough to build nice packages (you'll need some utilities like pgp 
but be careful since you live in France).

I will have to choose something to upload once I'll have my official 
registration :-)

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