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Re: libmsgcat and sympa : my first packages

>>"Raphael" == Raphael Hertzog <rhertzog@hrnet.fr> writes:

 Raphael> - I don't know if I follow FSSTND with my packages, i've used :
 Raphael>   - /var/spool/sympa/* for the messages queues
 Raphael>   - /var/lib/sympa/* for the configuration for the lists and for the
 Raphael>     archives of the lists !

	Should configuration not go under /etc/sympa/? I note th you
 do have /etc/sympa.conf; are trhewse configuration files supposed to
 be edited by the user? If yes, then they should go under /etc; if
 not, then maybe /var/state/sympa should be looked into? And I think
 maybe the archives should go into /var/spool or something too. 

 Raphael>   - /usr/lib/sympa for some perl modules (private to sympa)
 Raphael>   - /etc/sympa.conf for the main configuration file

 Raphael> - In order to make sympa works, I had to restart sysklogd
 Raphael>   with "-r" (UDP logging allowed), so I decide to modify
 Raphael>   /etc/init.d/sysklogd using sed. Does this break anything
 Raphael>   in Debian Policy ?

	Umm, yes. You are not supposed to modify files belonging to
 another package. 

 Raphael>   Or should I simply show a message explaining what to do in
 Raphael>   order to enable it ?  Furthermore, I had to modify
 Raphael>   /etc/syslog.conf (it's handled by debstd) and I want to
 Raphael>   restart syslog before sympa, but I can't since debstd add
 Raphael>   some commands to postinst (including the call to sympa
 Raphael>   start).  I can only add it at the very end (by adding a
 Raphael>   line to debian/tmp/DEBIAN/postinst manually after debstd
 Raphael>   has run.

	I do not have debstd on my machine, so I can't tell what
 debstd may be doing, but I am quite uneasy abot this practice too
 (Oh, I know other packages do it too, like hylafax; it still makes me
 feel uneasy). This also seems to violate the "do not modify another
 packages files" rule, but I have no solution short of requesting the
 sysklogd package have an update-syslog.conf script. 

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