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New release of iptraf


I have a little question about my iptraf package.
Look at this note of the author :
> >> cfconv <<
>This program should be run when upgrading from IPTraf 1.1.0 to 1.2.0.
>IPTraf 1.2.0 contains a few new configurable items, and an additional field
>to TCP and UDP filter parameters.  Not running this program will cause
>IPTraf 1.2.0 to incorrectly interpret the earlier version's files and result
>in incorrect information

So I have cfconv that can be launched to upgrade config files. It's a job for
postinst, no problem, my question is : Since cfconv is useless after postinst,
can I move it to /usr/doc/iptraf/ with a word in README.Debian saying what I
did ? Because if it stays in /usr/sbin/, I will have to write a manpage :)
I move it 'cause I think a 'rm /usr/sbin/cfcon' in postinst is not the right
solution :)

Suggestions ?

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