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Packaging imlib

Imlib sources have support for x-based imlib in one directory and gdkimlib
in another. The way I have decided to go about packaging this (is this 
the way to go?) is to have a top-level debian/rules that calls a
debian/rules file for each of these directories so that there is only one
source package but altogether 4 binary packages. This seems to produce a 
recursion when "debian/rules clean" is invoked from the toplevel.

On a different aspect, both libraries use the same conffiles. The question is
that given that I want to enable people to have any combination of shared
libraries, the conffiles have to belong to both the gdk and the x version.
How do I go about doing this without creating a package overlap?

Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk>
PGP Fingerprint = F8 B1 13 DE 22 22 94 A1  14 BE 95 8E 49 39 78 76

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