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Re: Packaging imlib

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:

> On a different aspect, both libraries use the same conffiles. The
> question is that given that I want to enable people to have any
> combination of shared libraries, the conffiles have to belong to both
> the gdk and the x version.  How do I go about doing this without
> creating a package overlap? 

What do you think about making imlib-base, imlib-xt and imlib-gtk (and
imlib-xt-dev, imlib-gtk-dev)? Does this sound good? You can make imlib-xt
and imlib-gtk depend on imlib-base, and imlib-base requiere either one.
imlib-base can provide the configuration files...

Or you can patch imlib to use to sets of configuration files (don't take
me seriously on this)

And Joey, Luis did publish his intent on debian-devel... I know 'cause I
replied him. I was a bit confused when I saw another announcement, but I
didn't realize it was from somebody else. AFAIR, Luis is also packaging
electric eyes, aren't you Luis?


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