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Please review ncbi-vdb (Was: Cmake help needed for ncbi-vdb)


Am Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 09:14:31AM +0100 schrieb Mathieu Malaterre:
> I've pushed 25ca2396895c15afe738b9209b1c350da18847ca
> If I understand the original upstream code, this should be the right fix.

Thanks a lot Mathieu.  This was extremely helpful!

I managed the packaging now at the state where it builds binary packages
that are technically basically OK from a Debian point of view (one RPATH
issue left).  Aaron, I would love if you could give it a review with
your specialist hat on.  I have no idea whether it makes sense to split
up the libraries.  My only guideline to split things up was to have
every shared library in its own package which was motivated by some
lintian warnings.  I have no idea whether this is sensible from a users
perspective or whether users need everything anyway.  Than we can get rid
of this artificial split.

I'd love if you change as much of my fiddling around as you like since
I admit I'm a bit helpless with this package and I'm not sure what might
make sense and what not.  Please also feel free to push the package -
may be first to experimental since it has to go via new anyway and we
can not know when it will be accepted.

Please also check whether we should keep the Architecture restriction
to certain architectures or whether cmake now enables us to simply use

I'd really welcome some sensible autopkgtest which could prevent me
making mistakes in future.

In any case I really like that upstream considered switching to cmake.

Kind regards


PS: Please note that I'm on vacation next week and will not do anything
    on this package in the next 10 days.


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