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Re: Which columns should we start working on?

Hi Nilesh,

Le 24/03/2021 à 11:47, Nilesh Patra a écrit :
Hi Steffen,

Thanks for your reply. This is a lot of information, so I'll just quote
specific sections.

There are some tools that block many columns from being completed. To
mention here in particular are the workflow engines, and here it is
nextflow that seems like being a beast to package. So, yes, Nilesh,
please, nextflow out of the way would be a big help.

I see nextflow here on salsa[1] but there does not seem to be a TODO,
would you remember what needs to be done?

I also see that this has a lot of Java, groovy, gradle files stuff - so
maybe @Pierre, can you help pushing this?

Yes sure! I was actually willing to do so, and I will :)

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/nextflow



Kind regards,

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