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Re: Outreachy project: complete workflows of tools

Am 04.03.21 um 22:09 schrieb Tony Travis:
> On 04/03/2021 16:54, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> [...]
>> If I understood you correctly your question to Tony was whether he might
>> like to volunteer to support drafting an Outreachy proposal.  Guessing
>> from Tony's response to your mail this was not totally clear to him.
> Hi, Andreas.
> You're right, I was just suggesting that the Bio-Linux documentation
> and the "Introduction to Bio-Linux" tutorial I helped Tim Booth to
> create in particular might be a useful starting point for an
> 'Outreachy' projeect.
> I'm planning to re-write the tutorial, which includes QIIME, for my
> Debian-Med version of Bio-Linux, but it would be really helpful if
> someone is interested in doing that as part of an 'Outreachy' project.
> Sorry, I misunderstood Tássia's email.

I am very confident that Tony would be a wonderful mentor. I happily
help by co- or co-co-mentoring - we had discussed Qiime at the very last
minutes of our Sprint if I recall correctly.

So, with Tony having gone the conda route a while back when our recent
Debian packages have not yet been existing, I see this as particularly
valuable for Tássia to both experience and compare.



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