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Re: Outreachy project: complete workflows of tools

Dear Tássia,

On Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 03:21:18PM -0800, Tassia Camoes Araujo wrote:
> Hi Debian-Med team!
> -- this should be a reply to the sprint report, sorry I was not in the
> list at the moment --
> One of the topics we discussed was to have an additional Outreachy
> intern to work on creating educational material, such as video
> tutorials, to showcase workflows in the field using Debian-Med tools. We
> brainstormed about qime, microbiome, but the idea would be to let the
> student free to pick a workflow she/he has some experience with. 

Thanks a lot for picking this up.
> Reading the list archive I saw a message by Tony Travis as a great
> example of solving biological problems with our tools: "I use the
> software you've packaged for my own work on the molecular genetics of
> drought-tolerance and Nitrogen-use-efficiency in Rice and for studies of
> the micro-virome of Tsetse files and Mosquitoes as well as for the
> cancer genomics work on the cluster at the Mario Negri Institute in
> Milan."
> I volunteer to help to shape the proposal, and whatever else you need
> (with my limited knowledge in the field) to make this come true.

If I understood you correctly your question to Tony was whether he might
like to volunteer to support drafting an Outreachy proposal.  Guessing
from Tony's response to your mail this was not totally clear to him. 

I personally would support this proposal "mentally" (in terms of proof
reading and lending some helping hand if really needed) but I've just
issued the QA proposal and I'm not permitted to serve as mentor in more
than one project.

Steffen, would you step in here?

Kind regards



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