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Re: Outreachy project: complete workflows of tools

On 04/03/2021 16:54, Andreas Tille wrote:
If I understood you correctly your question to Tony was whether he might
like to volunteer to support drafting an Outreachy proposal.  Guessing
from Tony's response to your mail this was not totally clear to him.

Hi, Andreas.

You're right, I was just suggesting that the Bio-Linux documentation and the "Introduction to Bio-Linux" tutorial I helped Tim Booth to create in particular might be a useful starting point for an 'Outreachy' projeect.

I'm planning to re-write the tutorial, which includes QIIME, for my Debian-Med version of Bio-Linux, but it would be really helpful if someone is interested in doing that as part of an 'Outreachy' project.

Sorry, I misunderstood Tássia's email.


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