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Re: Debian Med Sprint from February 18. to 21.

Hi Andreas,

Le 17/01/2021 à 17:52, Andreas Tille a écrit :
Hi Pierre,

On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 02:23:08PM +0100, Pierre Gruet wrote:
But I never took part to such event, so could you please give some examples
about possible outputs?

There is no dedicated output of our sprints.  The major "output" is the
in person meeting, having common meals and meeting each other in a way
more informal way than usual.  I wonder whether we should somehow join
for dishes and just do the usual smalltalk.  I can confirm that I have
good experience to meet with friends for dinner and I'd suggest we'll do
so in our sprint as well.

Thanks for the explanation, I perfectly get it and I look forward to get involved in a "physical" meeting in a near future. In February 2021, I agree joining for dishes would be great, while requiring more organisation.

I'm asking this because the soft freeze will have begun at that time, so I
guess most of the work would be targeted toward small, targeted fixes in
Bullseye and more important evolutions for the next release?

To my experience in the times of Freeze there are some remaining RC bugs
and we might need to work even on some preconditions in other teams to
prevent that our packages will remain in testing.  On the other hand the
time to start on new software for Debian 12 will start.  We are free to
upload anything that is not yet in testing and the list of software we
defined on our COVID-19 list is not fully accomplished.  So there is
always work to do.  In most cases there is no dedicated sprint work to
do but rather more focussed work on what we do usually is done.  We need
to find out how to meet in small groups over a laptop screen - but this
can probably sloved by creating new Jitsi-rooms.

Thanks for sharing your experience and for these ideas!

I would have liked to ask this in the video meeting of today but
unfortunately I won't be able to join, 18:00 UTC is a tough time when it
comes to feeding children :-D

Yep, feeding children has preference for sure.  BTW, if 18:00 UTC is a
bad choice for you in general we might re-discuss this choice of time.
We considered it somehow "established" and doing a poll for every single
meeting just makes work.  If you propose a "better" time I can make this
suggestion inside the meeting.

Maybe I am answering late. Honestly, if the current time fits everyone else, don't change it for me. Yet, one or two hours later would be more comfortable for me. But once again, I'm only one among $n$, and everyone has his/her own constraints :)

All the best,

Same to you


Best regards,

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