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Re: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

Am Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 08:44:54AM +0530 schrieb Sonali Warunjikar:

> http://mayuresh.sdfeu.org/snaps.zip
> vendor.jpg: using vendor software which seems to adjust `something'
> ours.png: ours, appears underexposed
> raw.dat: raw sensor data 12 bit little endian 0 padded (a program to deal
> with it was shared on this thread before, add Aaron's patch also). But
> using ours.png directly is fine, so this file may not be of much use.
> ours.png and raw.dat correspond to the same image
> vendor.jpg is for the same exposure and placement but a different snap.
> For reasons mentioned before it had to be taken separately.

I have converted ours.png to (lossless jpeg) and the
dicomized that file. Using a DICOM viewer I played with the
exposure (called Window/Level) while comparing to vendor.jpg.
It seems as if the vendor applies non-linear corrections
independantly to two or three areas: inside teeth, inside
bone, outside either tooth or bone.

I so feels lbecause I can sort of approximate each of those
areas but not all three of them at once.

So, perhaps some segmentation is going on before
post-processing ?

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