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Re: bedtools 2.29.2+dfsg-6

Étienne Mollier wrote:
> I noticed current bedtools 2.29.2+dfsg-5 fails to migrate to
> testing, so I pushed a fix[1].

The problem being that the bedtools-test package's symlink to the htsutil executable located in the bedtools package is not adequately copied when the test files are copied to /tmp, so needs to be fixed up in the run-unit-test script.

This is kind of ridiculous: htsutil would be better off in the bedtools-test package, and if it was a real non-symlink file there it would be copied to $AUTOPKGTEST_TMP just fine. Is there a real technical reason why the bedtools-test package should be noarch? This executable would be much more naturally in the bedtools-test package rather than cluttering up the main bedtools package when it is of no interest to users, and then all this hackery would be avoided.

(I have prepared an upstream patch to make the test suite use htsutil via an environment variable that you could override similarly to $BT, but really there's no particular need to do that so I would ideally prefer not to apply it. But if doing so would help you not push an unwanted /usr/lib/bedtools/test/htsutil directory and executable onto users' machines, I could be convinced to do so!)


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