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Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

On Fri, Jan 01, 2021 at 06:14:35PM +0100, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> The use case for converting to DICOM _could_ be :
> 1.) standard based "image" storage and sharing
> 2.) image manipulation with standard (any) DICOM viewer out there

Agree. But these don't sound so pressing. 1. Storage, retrieval for a
given criteria etc. is managed by my own crm system 2. Sharing occasions
are less. Many people need a print out for insurance purpose. Very rarely
there is a referral to another dentist along with X ray. More often I get
OPG images from X ray centers who give it in jpg form, hardly ever in
DICOM. 3. Wondering what image manipulations do I need that cannot be done
by a generic viewer. [I have one scenario in the last para.]

Immediate concern is auto-calibrating the image (br/co/exp/gamma). Links
from previous posts talk about some files - firstly those files are not
found on my setup, secondly they aren't human readable, the page says mail
them to sodium dental.

These could be adjusted by trial and error and by comparing x rays with
those taken from windows and trying to produce similar. Not a very
scientific way, but unlikely to get the exact calibration that the
proprietary app is doing.

Have also placed a call with the retailer regarding calibration. They said
they'll get back but I doubt whether they even understood the question.

Next question will be to choose the right tool to apply these
calibrations. While br/co/gamma are rather easier with ImageMagick,
exposure doesn't seem to be directly available. Gimp does a good job of it
interactively, but have to find out how to use it in batch mode.

After image calibration, another requirement is distance measurement. Here
DICOM might help as this will come by default in DICOM viewers. But I
guess gimp should be able to do that. I am able to get distances in pixel
terms. There might be some way to use mm as a unit.  After that the
calibration needs to be checked.

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