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Re: [MoM] FAST progress (was Re: [MoM] fast: Add further dependencies to enable chroot / cowbuilder to build)

Hi Shayan,

On Wed, Sep 04, 2019 at 03:40:36PM +0100, Shayan Doust wrote:
> > Its on my todo list.  Unfortunately the build time takes some time and I
> > will not stress test the battery of my laptop.  Reminding is fine in any
> > case. :-)
> Ahh that's fine and understandable :-). I assumed maybe you offloaded
> this on some build server. I am not too sure of the procedure, but with
> any task that has a maintainer hardware limitation, would debian provide
> environments or remote machines for a duration of time? I am somewhat
> working blindly with this package so it's good to know for the future
> instead of bugging you for a hundred builds :-).

I could use remote hardware but in 98% my laptop is fine.  In those rare
cases I use my desktop as fallback.  Remembering how these remote
servers might work takes more time for me.
> > I admit new queue can be stress test the patience of newcomers.  To be
> > short:  You can never know how long a package takes.  Despite the name
> > is "queue" its not a FIFO procedure.  Sometimes its helpful to give some
> > hints about priorities and why a package might be more important than
> > others.  BTW, I even had send a mail to ftpmaster ranking your packages
> > in the category "Would motivate newcomer" which was below "needed for
> > bcbio" package.  Seems that ranking was not helpful to proceed with the
> > list I gave. :-(
> It's more of just a curiosity factor, and sometimes educating eager
> upstream developers as I'm very patient. Surprisingly, there aren't that
> many listed as ftp masters for the amount of package awaiting upload.

Yes, its also a person-power bottleneck.
> Would it be productive to work on another package alongside this FAST
> package?

If you are just bored by waiting, yes, why not?  Or check the list of
bugs under


Currently there are lots of those due to gcc migration and even more
due to Python2 removal.  If you are happy with gdb you can check


or also


So new packages are fine but fixing some bugs inbetween is also very
valuable.  As a general remark to everybody:  For the moment fixing
only one bug per week brings you in our bugs statistics:



Hope that's sufficient inspiration to not get bored inbetween. ;-)

Kind regards



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