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Re: [MoM] FAST progress (was Re: [MoM] fast: Add further dependencies to enable chroot / cowbuilder to build)

Hi Shayan,

On Wed, Sep 04, 2019 at 01:53:30PM +0100, Shayan Doust wrote:
> Just a reminder whenever you get the chance to check the commits and the
> test suite as I know you're busy.

Its on my todo list.  Unfortunately the build time takes some time and I
will not stress test the battery of my laptop.  Reminding is fine in any
case. :-)
> Also, is it worth updating the other packages (upstream code for
> mmseqs2) now or is it better to wait until the package has finished
> pending upload and is in unstable.

While ftpmaster can deal with more than one version in the new queue I
personally wait until a package is accepted.

> Additionally, how long does it
> usually take before a package is put into unstable from being NEW? I've
> seen some packages as NEW for over a year although maybe these have been
> rejected?

I admit new queue can be stress test the patience of newcomers.  To be
short:  You can never know how long a package takes.  Despite the name
is "queue" its not a FIFO procedure.  Sometimes its helpful to give some
hints about priorities and why a package might be more important than
others.  BTW, I even had send a mail to ftpmaster ranking your packages
in the category "Would motivate newcomer" which was below "needed for
bcbio" package.  Seems that ranking was not helpful to proceed with the
list I gave. :-(

Kind regards



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