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Re: New package bali-phy

Hi again,

On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 10:42:11PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > I wondered about this.  I was unsure if /usr/share/doc/ is a good place for
> > non-Debian systems, so I did not change the upstream default.  But for
> > Debian it is indeed the natural place for me to look.  It seems there are a
> > few options:
> > 1. Change upstream to install to /usr/share/doc/ everywhere
> > 2. Edit meson.build to put the examples in /usr/share/doc/
> > 3. #2 + make symlink to /usr/share/<package>/examples
> > 4. Make a symlink from /usr/share/doc/<package>/examples to
> > /usr/share/<package>/examples
> > I'm not sure #1 works everywhere. #2 has the problem that the path to the
> > examples would be distribution-dependent. #3 and #4 both seem OK though.
> I admit I have no real preference.  I can not see any problem in #1 in
> general but I'll leave the freedom of decision to you.

That's now the last open question.
> > how to do it.  Do we do this with a quilt patch? Because that would be a
> > very large patch, and I didn't like the idea of removing the local boost via
> > a patch that was the same size as boost :-P  But it is not really
> > important.  Also, if we strip them out, do they still need to be in the
> > copyright file?  That would shrink the copyright file nicely.
> I'll take this as agreement that I'll do what I suggested as an example
> and will confirm here once this is done (probably tomorrow).

Done now.
> > In addition, anything from the autotools build system can also be removed. 
> > This includes:
> >   m4/
> >   configure.ac
> >   bootstrap.sh
> >   scripts/git_version.sh
> >   $(find . -name Makefile.am)
> I'll do this as well.

Besides these I removed src/dlfcn-win32

Please check and confirm that you are OK with this solution.

Kind regards



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