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Re: New package bali-phy

Hi Benjamin,

On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 10:40:11AM -0500, Benjamin Redelings wrote:
> > I've added pristine-tar as per policy[1], removed the redundant
> > debian/gbp.conf and changed the formatting of the d/control file
> > using `cme fix dpkg-control` to have some consistent formatting
> > between other Debian Med packages.
> OK, I see, thanks.  I had a local pristine-tar branch from gbp but I guess I
> did not push it.  I will fix up the local branch to point to the remote
> branch.

I admit that I somehow expected something like this but creating the
branch on my own was the faster way to check the packaging.
> > I also added a spelling fix as quilt patch.  I'm not always that picky
> > but since you are upstream you most probably want to fix this in your
> > code as well.  Hint:  If you are runnin lintian with -I option you get
> > also those issues.
> Ah, it is nice to see an example quilt patch, and thanks for the advice on
> lintian -I!  Now I can see the error. I fixed the typo upstream, so I guess
> we can remove the typo patch in the next release.

Yes, for sure it is the intention that it will be fixed upstream.

> > Something you might like to consider is the location of the examples
> > which is currently in /usr/share/bali-phy/examples.  In Debian users are
> > used to check /usr/share/doc/PACKAGENAME/examples (no idea how many
> > users are *really* trained to look there - but at least this is the
> > recommended location).  Moreover if we have some autopkgtest which is
> > providing some kind of example usage I tend to put this script as well
> > in this location and add a README.test that enables users on their local
> > machine to reproduce these tests as examples.
> I wondered about this.  I was unsure if /usr/share/doc/ is a good place for
> non-Debian systems, so I did not change the upstream default.  But for
> Debian it is indeed the natural place for me to look.  It seems there are a
> few options:
> 1. Change upstream to install to /usr/share/doc/ everywhere
> 2. Edit meson.build to put the examples in /usr/share/doc/
> 3. #2 + make symlink to /usr/share/<package>/examples
> 4. Make a symlink from /usr/share/doc/<package>/examples to
> /usr/share/<package>/examples
> I'm not sure #1 works everywhere. #2 has the problem that the path to the
> examples would be distribution-dependent. #3 and #4 both seem OK though.

I admit I have no real preference.  I can not see any problem in #1 in
general but I'll leave the freedom of decision to you.
> Putting the autopkgtest scripts in the doc directory seems like a good idea,
> as does adding a README.test .  How do you get the test scripts put in the
> doc directory, though?

May be you have a look into the (totally random!) example mrbayes[1].
This puts all tests into one script run-unit-test.  In debian/docs these
files are installed into the doc directory.
> > If you agree with this approach I can do this for you as a simple
> > example since with Files-Excluded in d/copyright this is pretty easy
> > to do.  In other words:  The package is OK in principle and I could
> > upload as is.  So if you prefer an untouched upstream tarball that
> > should be fine.  But I personally would strip third party source and
> > if you want me to do this for you I can do before uploading.
> I very much like the idea of stripping out these things, but I wasn't sure
> how to do it.  Do we do this with a quilt patch? Because that would be a
> very large patch, and I didn't like the idea of removing the local boost via
> a patch that was the same size as boost :-P  But it is not really
> important.  Also, if we strip them out, do they still need to be in the
> copyright file?  That would shrink the copyright file nicely.

I'll take this as agreement that I'll do what I suggested as an example
and will confirm here once this is done (probably tomorrow).
> In addition, anything from the autotools build system can also be removed. 
> This includes:
>   m4/
>   configure.ac
>   bootstrap.sh
>   scripts/git_version.sh
>   $(find . -name Makefile.am)

I'll do this as well.
> > Thanks again for your work on this
> I'm glad to help.  Thanks also for your help in cleaning up the packaging!

You are welcome


[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-med/mrbayes.git 


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