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[GSoC / Outreachy] autopkgtest for readseq (Was: Bug#890784: Interested in working on the bug)

Hello Sourav,

thanks for your interest in Debian Med.

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 01:33:38PM +0530, Sourav Singh wrote:
> I am interested in working on the bug. I have read through the contribution
> guidelines for Debian. I would like to know about how do I get started with
> the issue?

The first entry point for working in the Debian Med team is the team
policy document which includes some essential readings


like "New maintainers guide" and "Developers reference".  There you can
learn how to package.  I'd recommend to use the readseq package as an
example when studying the documents.  The chapter right after the
readings explains how you can get the source.

Please ask further questions about Debian packaging here on the Debian
Med mailing list (in CC) and not in the bug log.

Kind regards



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