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Re: [autopkgtest 879622]

​Dear Andreas,

export DEBEMAIL=aik.kalou@gmail.com
export DEBFULLNAME='Katerina Kalou'

in your environment - than dch knows for sure what user ID to choose.

​Thank you, i was just searching on how to do that!!

There is also some care needed to make sure that there is no changelog
entry left for UNRELEASED.  I merged those two entries.  I've pushed and
uploaded now.

​Thank you again! And i will more careful next time!​

> I would also kindly like to express my interest to apply to either
> outreachy or GSoC. I had a look to the Outreachy announcement for this
> round of applications and as i did not see any proposed project by the
> debian med team (especially the one about adding autopkgtest suites),  i
> was thinking about the GSoC as an alternative. As my PhD thesis will be
> ready in the end of March but i will still be a student until the beginning
> of June, i was thinking if it would be possible for me to apply.

Please note:  I'm *always* confused about all the bureaucracy around.  I
remember that in the past GSoC *and* Outreachy picked from the project
list that has the GSoC headline.  I as a mentor do not mind at all to
what project you subscribe.  I do not even have a clear advise whom to
ask for clarification - sorry. :-(
Actually that was helpful for me - i will go on with the Outreachy application (also maybe send the organisers an email asking for some clarification) and i will let you know!!

Thank you again for everything :)

Kind regards,

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