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Re: Fwd: [force11/force11-sciwg] Experience with Debian Science's Citations project? (#45)

currently the status of citation handling is the following:
 - nightly job reads citation data from packaging Git of scientific
   packaging projects
 - citation data are gathered in [SQL database](https://wiki.debian.org/UltimateDebianDatabase)
 - from this database all citation data are drawn and put into
    * [BibTeX](http://blends.debian.net/packages-metadata/debian.bib)
    * [PDF](http://blends.debian.net/packages-metadata/debian.pdf)
 - The citations are also displayed on so called [tasks pages](https://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio)
There is no further use that I'm aware of.  Please note that due to
the move of the packaging Git repositories these data might be not
as stable as usual until things have settled.
Kind regards, Andreas.

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