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psortb, libalgorithm-svm-perl, and other missing dependencies

Hi Andreas

Back in June you were trying to package psortb and faced some issues.
At the time I mentioned that psortb was using a vendorised and
modified implementation of Algorithm::SVM (PSort::SVMLoc).  In
addition, they were also dependent on the original implementation [1]:

> But despite having Bio::Tools::PSort::SVMLoc, psortb also uses the
> 'wild type' Algorithm::SVM:
>     $ grep -r 'use Algorithm::SVM' psortb
>     psortb/lib/Bio/Tools/SVMLoc.pm:use Algorithm::SVM::DataSet;
>     psortb/lib/Bio/Tools/SVMLoc.pm:use Algorithm::SVM;
> which means that after fixing whatever issues there are in psortb, it
> will still need to be dependent on libalgorithm-svm-perl that I just
> packaged.

I have just finished sorting out the last issue with
libalgorithm-svm-perl in the perl team and asked to have it uploaded.

I noticed that psortb is now on sid.  However, that package seems to
be broken.  Not only it is missing libalgorithm-svm-perl it seems to
be missing a bunch of other dependencies.  I have enabled autopkgtest
on it [2, 3] which will test each of the modules and will list the
missing modules.


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2017/04/msg00023.html
[2] https://github.com/carandraug/debian-psortb
[3] https://github.com/carandraug/debian-psortb/commit/456b24d809

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