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Re: Packaging the Celera Assembler for Debian - PBcR dependency on Falcon

Many thanks for the clarification. Are there plans to include a test
suite so that we can easily detect compatibility issues? I admit that
the src/ subdirectories of wgs-assembler are cryptically named, so it's
possible I missed it if it exists.

Regarding pbutgcns, I will likely just exclude it. There is no licensing
information in the source distribution that I could find and the
author(s) have not responded to my license clarification request [1].
Furthermore, in my own research, I found that using it produced
suboptimal assemblies as compared to wgs-assembler's native module.

Many thanks and regards

1. https://github.com/pbjd/pbutgcns/issues/1

Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

على الأربعاء 16 كانون الأول 2015 ‫06:31، كتب Serge Koren:
> Hello,
> The falcon_sense binary is a PyInstaller binary built from the
> falcon_sense.py script to ease distribution for users so they don’t have
> to build/checkout all of Falcon’s codebase. If you build Falcon version
> 0.1.3, it should be compatible with PBcR. You would need to strip the
> .py of the file end and make sure it is executable so the PBcR pipeline
> will be able to run it as falcon_sense (without the .py and without
> specifying python). As long as it is in your path, it will be picked up
> by PBcR. As for pbutgcns, it is not required but does speed up the
> overall pipeline, you should also be able to build it from source:
> https://github.com/pbjd/pbutgcns
> as well.
> Sergey

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