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Re: Orthanc plugins

> > I released today the first stable release of Orthanc (version 1.0.0). I
> > have updated the git repository of Debian Med with this new version. Could
> > you once again upload it?
> Uploaded.


> PS: May be you might consider becoming a Debian Maintainer.  I think
>     you are able to maintain those five packages on your own without
>     any sponsor.

Thanks for this proposal... unfortunately, I still have not been able to talk with a Debian developer who could sign my key.

My key is submitted for the keysigning event at FOSDEM 2016 [1,2], where I should hopefully meet someone from Debian.


[1] https://fosdem.org/2016/keysigning/
[2] https://ksp.fosdem.org/keys/A776582B312AC35D

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