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Re: DebianMed sprint report


thanks to the great work of our team member Olivier Sallou we had
another successful sprint of the Debian Med team - the fifth in a series
of meetings happening in late January each year since 2010 with team
members of Debian Med and derivatives like BioLinux, upstream developers
and users.

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 10:46:24AM +0000, olivier sallou wrote:
> ...
> Reports are included on wiki page [0].
> ...

As far as I know we should also send a report to debian-sprints list I
will add to this Wiki report[0] my personal impression.  I intentionally
delayed it a bit to get some work done which was started at the sprint
but not all things I intended to finish are done and I do not want to
delay the report further more.

In general I need to say that Olivier has choosen a great location and
perfectly dealt with the issue that ten days before the sprint was
starting the venue hotel informed him that it will be closed.  Olivier
found a great replacement which all participants liked a lot.  That's
really great work!

The participants were a mix of "well known" people and newcomers and we
really had a great and productive time.  These events are a great option
to show newcomers the power of the Blends concept for their own work and
estimating from the work we have done at the sprint and afterwards we
were able to win great new team members.  I addressed this effect to
gain new team members in my usual updated talk about teamwork in Debian

I personally have done several package uploads - most of them sponsored
(see my "Personal report" at [0]).  Thanks to ftpmaster some of the new
packages were even accepted at sprint time which enabled us to continue
with a chain of dependencies nearly without interruption.  (Thanks to
ftpmaster for the support.)

I also dealt with an issue we are frequently facing when upstream
chooses either to generic or just taken names.  After some testing (and
the Jessie release) this will be included into the Blends framework.

As last year I did some active mentoring about packaging for newcomers
which ended also up in package uploads.  Welcome to the new team

I also did some generic QA work in Debian Med metadata like citations,
rendered the new teammetrics data for all teams in the teammetrics
project.  Moreover I did some non-Debian Med sponsoring for other Blends
(mainly Debian GIS).

On my way back I was drafting some release notes for Jessie.  For those
who want to have a look its commited to SVN[1].  Any enhancement is more
than welcome.

Finally some work remained on my desk for the long term basically
preconditions for other packages on our todo list.

Thanks to all who made this sprint a great event, specifically to
Olivier for organising.  Kind regards


[0] https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2015/DebianMed2015
[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/debian-med/trunk/community/releasenotes/jessie?view=markup


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