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Re: DebianMed sprint report

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> De: "Andreas Tille" <andreas@an3as.eu>
> À: "Debian Med Project List" <debian-med@lists.debian.org>, debian-sprints@lists.debian.org
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> Envoyé: Jeudi 26 Février 2015 14:29:25
> Objet: Re: DebianMed sprint report
> Hi,
> thanks to the great work of our team member Olivier Sallou we had
> another successful sprint of the Debian Med team - the fifth in a series
> of meetings happening in late January each year since 2010 with team
> members of Debian Med and derivatives like BioLinux, upstream developers
> and users.
> On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 10:46:24AM +0000, olivier sallou wrote:
> > ...
> > Reports are included on wiki page [0].
> > ...
> > 
> As far as I know we should also send a report to debian-sprints list

Hi Andreas,
if I did no mistake, I also sent the report to the Debian sprint team.


> will add to this Wiki report[0] my personal impression.  I intentionally
> delayed it a bit to get some work done which was started at the sprint
> but not all things I intended to finish are done and I do not want to
> delay the report further more.
> In general I need to say that Olivier has choosen a great location and
> perfectly dealt with the issue that ten days before the sprint was
> starting the venue hotel informed him that it will be closed.  Olivier
> found a great replacement which all participants liked a lot.  That's
> really great work!
> The participants were a mix of "well known" people and newcomers and we
> really had a great and productive time.  These events are a great option
> to show newcomers the power of the Blends concept for their own work and
> estimating from the work we have done at the sprint and afterwards we
> were able to win great new team members.  I addressed this effect to
> gain new team members in my usual updated talk about teamwork in Debian
> Med.
> I personally have done several package uploads - most of them sponsored
> (see my "Personal report" at [0]).  Thanks to ftpmaster some of the new
> packages were even accepted at sprint time which enabled us to continue
> with a chain of dependencies nearly without interruption.  (Thanks to
> ftpmaster for the support.)
> I also dealt with an issue we are frequently facing when upstream
> chooses either to generic or just taken names.  After some testing (and
> the Jessie release) this will be included into the Blends framework.
> As last year I did some active mentoring about packaging for newcomers
> which ended also up in package uploads.  Welcome to the new team
> members!
> I also did some generic QA work in Debian Med metadata like citations,
> rendered the new teammetrics data for all teams in the teammetrics
> project.  Moreover I did some non-Debian Med sponsoring for other Blends
> (mainly Debian GIS).
> On my way back I was drafting some release notes for Jessie.  For those
> who want to have a look its commited to SVN[1].  Any enhancement is more
> than welcome.
> Finally some work remained on my desk for the long term basically
> preconditions for other packages on our todo list.
> Thanks to all who made this sprint a great event, specifically to
> Olivier for organising.  Kind regards
>        Andreas.
> [0] https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2015/DebianMed2015
> [1]
> https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/debian-med/trunk/community/releasenotes/jessie?view=markup
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