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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java

Le 23/02/2015 21:54, Lukas Degener a écrit :

> I am sorry to report that my own humble efforts in this matter just hit
> a dead end: Not only does the colt public API depend on interfaces from
> the hep.aida.bin packages, but those interfaces (BinFunction1D et al) do
> them selfs depend on other *classes* in this package (DynamicBin1D),
> effectively tying them to that particular implementation. I don't see
> how we can get rid of this mess without rewriting those classes from
> scratch. Unfortunately, I cannot tell which parts of the colt API are
> actually used (I hardly understand what it is doing).

Hi Lukas,

Try removing the packages hep.aida.bin and cern.colt.matrix.doublealgo.
Remove the tests and the benchmarks:


Remove the Converter class and comment the toString() and viewSorted()
methods in DoubleMatrix*D and Property.

This will give you a buildable project without the LGPL classes.

Emmanuel Bourg

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