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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java [Was: Update on Trinityrnaseq packaging]

Hi Emmanuel,

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 10:31:13PM +0100, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Le 22/02/2015 22:06, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> > As far as I understand ftpmaster everything needs to be removed in
> > src/hep/aida (including bin and ref).
> Yes they are right, but except for the src/hep/aida/bin classes the
> src/hep/aida ones can be replaced by their equivalent in freehep.

Sounds very good!
> I conducted a quick experiment: I removed the hep.aida.bin package from
> Colt, removed/patched the code using it and built the reverse
> dependencies. I ended up with these classes removed:
>     src/cern/colt/GenericSortingTest.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/bench/BenchmarkMatrix.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/DoubleMatrix1DComparator.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/DoubleMatrix2DComparator.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/Formatter.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/Partitioning.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/Sorting.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/Statistic.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/Stencil.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/Transform.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/doublealgo/package.html
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/impl/BenchmarkMatrix2D.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/impl/TestMatrix2D.java
>     src/cern/jet/random/Benchmark.java
>     src/cern/jet/stat/quantile/Quantile1Test.java
>     src/hep/aida/ref/Converter.java
>     src/hep/aida/ref/Test2.java
> and I also had to make minor modifications to the following classes (I
> commented the toString() and viewSorted() methods):
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/DoubleMatrix1D.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/DoubleMatrix2D.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/DoubleMatrix3D.java
>     src/cern/colt/matrix/linalg/Property.java
> I've successfully rebuilt beast-mcmc, spread-phy and libjung-java with
> this stripped down version of libcolt-java.


> I haven't been able to
> create a source tarball for beast2-mcmc, libdsol1-java and libssj-java
> so I don't know for these packages, but this result is promising.

No problem.  I guess this is due to the fact that there are some SVN
addicts in the Debian Med team.  If we care for the existing packages
you mentioned above first I'd happily work on the latter according to
the existing templates.

> At this point I think freehep aida/jaida should be packaged, then a new
> colt-free package could be created using freehep-aida and the
> modifications I made. This will allow you to free at least 3 packages
> from contrib.

This sounds very promising.  Would you mind commiting the results of
your experiment to the Git repository of colt which I just created.  Is
there any volunteer for packaging freehep-aida?  If not I could try to
do my best to at least give it a try (but I admit I would be even more
happy if somebody else would do it ;-)).

That's good news for a Sunday evening



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