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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java [Was: Update on Trinityrnaseq packaging]

On 21.02.2015 22:32, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Java programmers,

Hi Andreas,

> I wonder whether you could help to replace some outdated code in
> libcolt-java which has some old code from src/hep.aida.* which is LGPL
> but no military exception.  The code is old, was rewritten in
>    http://java.freehep.org/ (???)
> which has a free license and all our tries to reach the original author
> for some clarification failed. 

Where could one find the aida code replacement on java.freehep.org? So
far I found


which indicates that the code is licensed under LGPL but I'm not sure if
this is not just the same aida code from 2004 which is already present
in colt. Perhaps they changed the license and removed the non-free

When I download AIDA 3.2.1 they refer to a LGPL.txt file but I can't
find it. If this one was really the free replacement it would be
possible to replace src/aida by either repacking the colt source package
or by packaging the version on aida.freehep.org and adding aida to the
classpath of libcolt-java.



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