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Re: Please help freeing libcolt-java [Was: Update on Trinityrnaseq packaging]

Le 21/02/2015 22:32, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> Unfortunately nobody in the team is skilled anough in Java to do the job
> (or at least confirm that it is as simple as I assume) and thus I wonder
> whether there is some kind soul on Debian Java having a look into this.

Hi Andreas,

I got a quick look and it seems some of these classes are available in
the aida and jaida modules of freehep. The main issue seems to be the
hep.aida.bin package, it doesn't exist in freehep and depends on Colt
classes. It was also written by Wolfgang Hoschek which is the author of

If the no military clause came from the old aida classes maybe the
package hep.aida.bin created by Wolfgang Hoschek isn't affected? If this
hypothesis is confirmed it should be possible to depend on freehep-aida,
otherwise Colt is doomed to remain in non-free :( Were you able to
contact Wolfgang Hoschek?

Emmanuel Bourg

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