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Re: sponsor upload aghermann- to fix #708557

On Fri, 17 May 2013, andrei zavada wrote:

> Hi Yaroslav,

> There was a bug #708557 reported yesterday against aghermann, filed on behalf
> of all kfreebsd users.  As I now stand accused of discrimination against these
> minority arches, I hasten to rectify this with, in which I accommodate
> the poor souls who have no mremap function in their glibc.

And who gave an oath  of non-disturbance for the next 3 weeks? ! ;)

> So let us help them:
> http://johnhommer.com/academic/code/aghermann/source/deb/aghermann_0.9.0.3-1.dsc

> Lastly, am I correct thinking that the bug in question will be automatically
> closed if I put the following entry in debian/changelog:

>  aghermann ( unstable; urgency=low

>    * New upstream version.
>      - fixed build on arches not providing mremap (Closes: #708557).

the answer to your question above would be -- YES

> and the build succeeds on kfreebsd-*?

how would I know? have you tried this one on a kfreebsd?

to not disturb the archive possibly without a reason then I will try to
build it first on a local kfreebsd boxy

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