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Re: Hint for some imaging software from Fedora Medical SIG

Hi Thorsten,

thanks for your comments.

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 05:19:26PM +0200, Thorsten Alteholz wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> On Thu, 16 May 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> >You might like to check this Wiki page for further interesting programs
> >besides Seg3D[2] and msvtk[3].  I might consider creating a packaging
> >skeleton if this helps.  Any takers for packaging?
> shouldn't we begin with an entry in the task list

Yes, I usually add programs were I'm pretty sure that they are useful
(which is the case for both) quite soonish to the tasks.  However, I
somewhat stopped adding this information directly as prospective package
entry.  The rationale is:  I need to assemble some information that is
all needed in the packaging code.  Since we do have the prospective
package gatherer for our VCS we could easily just put this information
into packaging code and let the automatic tools do their work.  The
advantage is that by doing so we are one step closer to a real package
and there is no need in gathering the information twice.  This becomes
even more important if it comes to scientific citations (and Seg3D has a
link to some publication).  My plan is to obsolete the feature of adding
citation data to the tasks files because they should rather be done in
debian/upstream files to enable other use cases rather than beeing
rendered on the tasks pages.

In short: I'm in favour of mentioning on the tasks pages but via some
(admittedly unfinished) code in VCS.

> and maybe a RFP-bug?

I personally stopped filing RFP bugs because in my 15 years of beeing DD
I do not remember that any of such bugs was closed by an upload.
Usually it is noise in the BTS.  I personally do not even file an ITP
before I (nearly) finished the packaging in VCS.  IMHO people will
notice the work in VCS and considering the fact that we are really
dealing with leaf packages the sense to send an ITP to avoid that
somebody else is working in parallel is nearly void.

>From my personal perspective I regard it a good idea to issue an ITP
only if I'm *really* sure that I'll be able to finally close this bug by
an upload.  Otherwise the same as for RFP is true.  Sure, this is my
personal point of view ...

> And if someone/Andreas is doing this, aren't the other software
> packages from SCI (the Seg3D developers) interesting as well?

+1 to this question.

Kind regards



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