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Sponsoring request: packages for new upstream libmialm-1.0.7

Dear all, 

I've uploaded the new package for the new libmialm upstream version to
debian-med git. 

Changes in packages: 
  * so-version change: libmialm2 -> libmialm3 
  * added documentation package:  libmialm-doc

The git tags should be okay this time and uscan should also find the
proper version. 

There is one question though (also for future reference):

The ABI change will break building the current version of mialmpick,
should I indicate this in the package control file? I've read the docu
for "Breaks" and  "Conflicts" and both seem to targeting binary
packages. Since mialmpick currently depends on libmialm2 and this
doesn't conflict with libmialm3 there is no conflict in the already
build packages.

Besides, I will upload a new package of the new upstream mialmpick

Many thanks, 

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