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Re: sponsor upload aghermann-0.9.0

Hi Yaroslav,

Indeed, gcc is being a bit too inconsistent here. Upstream is aware of the problem now and has a fix, but I'd rather delay re-posting aghermann for upload until I get to a real X server for final QA, which will happen next Monday or thereabout. Sorry for the noise.


On 6 May 2013 21:32, "Yaroslav Halchenko" <debian@onerussian.com> wrote:
sorry to spoil the vacation -- FTBFS on amd64s (32bit build ok)

In file included from source-base.cc:13:0:
source-base.hh: In member function 'std::valarray<float> sigfile::CSource::get_signal_original(int) const':
source-base.hh:310:49: error: call of overloaded 'get_region_original(const int&, float, long unsigned int)' is ambiguous
source-base.hh:310:49: note: candidates are:
source-base.hh:291:2: note: virtual std::valarray<float> sigfile::CSource::get_region_original(int, size_t, size_t) const
source-base.hh:294:2: note: std::valarray<float> sigfile::CSource::get_region_original(int, float, float) const
source-base.hh: In member function 'std::valarray<float> sigfile::CSource::get_signal_filtered(int) const':
source-base.hh:334:43: error: call of overloaded 'get_region_filtered(const int&, float, long unsigned int)' is ambiguous
source-base.hh:334:43: note: candidates are:
source-base.hh:315:2: note: virtual std::valarray<float> sigfile::CSource::get_region_filtered(int, size_t, size_t) const
source-base.hh:318:2: note: std::valarray<float> sigfile::CSource::get_region_filtered(int, float, float) const
make[5]: *** [liba_a-source-base.o] Error 1

On Fri, 03 May 2013, andrei zavada wrote:

>    Well, AFK means nothing if you own a Motorola Milestone. With patience,
>    you can get a chrooted debian on it, with git, emacs, and all the dpkg-*
>    bits needed to build a package! So here it is:
>    [1]http://johnhommer.com/academic/code/aghermann/source/deb/aghermann_0.9.0.1-1.dsc,
>    with minor corrections.

>    (We are in Karadag, near Koktebel. There are tons of photos from that
>    location on my G+, of nearly every year since 2007.)

>    Kudos to whoever thought debian on armel does makes sense.


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