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[MoM] Another successful MoM project (Was: New upstream version of python-csb)


I just updated the MoM wiki page[1]

  12. November to 21. December 2012: Tomás Di Domenico packaging python-csb

  Tomás also successfully finished his MoM period which was a bit more
  than one month but he did a really studious work checking several times
  also on python modules list to make sure his package will fit a high
  standard. Finally this is the case because he has choosen the hard way
  and fully support python2 and python3 in this package (as far as I know
  the first python module in our team approaching this). So he started as
  a beginner and ended up with an example package for other people trying
  to support both python versions. That's a nice job - thanks for your
  effort Tomás.  

What should I say more:  I'm quite happy with this MoM project and will
definitely continue next year.  It fits my expectation that we did not
covered each month but four projects - two with successful upload and
also fis-gtm in the queue which was a huge beast we would not have
brought to this state without the very close cooperation to upstream as
we were able to accomplish in MoM - that's even more than I expected in
the beginning.  I have some contact to future applicants via PM and I
hope they will show up in January and I'd happily spend my time to teach
newcomers into the secret of packaging.

BTW, in each of the MoM projects I also learned something finally.  Even
today I enhanced my understanding in git-buildpackage a bit.  Sorry, if
I sounded a bit harsh / frustrated.  Thanks to Charles and Diane (its
really cool that you become involved right after joining the team!) it
seems we will get some better wording which hopefully will make the
workflow more robust.

In any case I will try to report about MoM at next DebConf and try to
convince other teams to do something similar.

Many thanks to all students who joined this effort


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMed/MoM


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