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Re: [MoM] Another successful MoM project (Was: New upstream version of python-csb)

On 21/12/12 23:24, Andreas Tille wrote:
>   12. November to 21. December 2012: Tomás Di Domenico packaging python-csb
>   Tomás also successfully finished his MoM period which was a bit more
>   than one month but he did a really studious work checking several times
>   also on python modules list to make sure his package will fit a high
>   standard. Finally this is the case because he has choosen the hard way
>   and fully support python2 and python3 in this package (as far as I know
>   the first python module in our team approaching this). So he started as
>   a beginner and ended up with an example package for other people trying
>   to support both python versions. That's a nice job - thanks for your
>   effort Tomás.  

Thank you Andreas for your patience and guidance throughout this period.
It was a wonderful learning experience, and it allowed me to finally
achieve a long standing goal of mine by contributing a package to
Debian. Also thanks to Laszlo Kajan who encouraged me to start working
on a package and introduced me to the debian-med team, and to all the
debian-med members who contributed during the process.

> What should I say more:  I'm quite happy with this MoM project and will
> definitely continue next year.

+1 for this. I cannot even imagine how much steeper the learning curve
have been without the help I received by participating in MoM. It is
definitely a great idea.



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