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Re: New upstream version of python-csb

Hey Andreas.

On 20/12/12 12:10, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Perhaps you might wait / ask here on this list for better advise how to
> fix the repository (BTW, what do you get when you are doing a fresh
> checkout?)  It might be a time saving option to recreate the archive in
> the end - no idea what might fit best here but from my point of view the
> history of the package is not yet so important that we need to care a
> lot.

So, I believe I've sorted this out. Seems like it was basically a
problem with the naming of the tarball that was getting into
pristine-tar. I've recreated the repo in order to avoid having all the
previous mess in there, and it works for me now after getting a copy
with debcheckout. Could you please see if it works also for you now?



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