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Re: Uploading Praat 3.5.35-1

* Emilien Klein <emilien+debian@klein.st> [2012-12-12 13:41]:

2012/12/12 Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>:

OK. For those who care about the Git workflow in our team policy document[1]: Would you consider adding the way the Debian Octave team is handling the experimental branch to this document. (And if you agree in principle but have time constraints please ping me.)

This is a sane workflow which allows continuing to work on the Experimental branch, and leaves the option to fix RC-critical bugs in Testing without taking all the experimental changes. I approve it. Although I think this makes only sense for packages already in Testing. A completely new package should just be done in the master branch.

Yes, this is exactly the procedure followed by the Debian Octave Group.


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