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Re: Splitting imaging into two separate tasks

Le 21 juil. 2012 à 22:55, abc a écrit :

> On 19.07.2012 11:32, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> So the question is: is med-practice helpful and what other helpful tasks would you consider (regarding imaging and perhaps other interesting stuff - I even would not mind creating a med-office with a set of office tools which might be of specific interest to some extend).
> apt-get install med-hospital
>    installs "everything" needed/available to "run" a hospital
> apt-get install med-practice
>    installs everything needed/available to run a private practice,
>    would include a useful set of office apps
> apt-get install med-radiology-server
>    installs everything needed to run a DICOM backend (clients = viewers would
>    also be installed by both of -hospital and -practice
> apt-get install med-clinical-research
>    installs things like OpenClinica, R, PSPP

Very good idea. We should work these packages.
How do you want to work ? Using the mailist, the svn (directly in the control file) ? Using wiki ?


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