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Re: [MoM] Packaging fis-get

> > The "problem" with bootstrapping is that Debian does not
> > allow to use "foreign" binaries (that is, binaries not
> > buildable on Debian) in order to build packages.
> There are exceptions for cases like this *if needed*.  I intentionally
> marked the last two words because it seems that there are ways to work
> around this.  I would be much in preference if we could create the
> initial package without binary files if there is some alternative way to
> create the automatically created files.  Could anybody from the GT.M
> experts give some estimate for the effort which is actually needed.
> > > the obvious solution is to use awk or perl for the small
> > > number of files involved.
> I can not imagine that finding a way to create a "small number" (can you
> give exact numbers please) should be that hard.

Especially given that even that seems not needed because Bhaskar said
that those files can be taken from another, existing, GT.M installation
as pre-transformed C code.


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