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Re: Bug#656469: ITP: eegdev -- biosignal acquisition device library

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 05:57:17PM +0100, Nicolas Bourdaud wrote:
> Actually now I am a little bit lost about about what are the purposes of
> the task metapackages and how they should be defined (I am relatively
> new to Debian development: only few months).

Well, beeing new in Debian development does not differentiate you in
terms of beeing informed about Blends tasks from the majority of Debian
oldies (even if I try to entertain people each Debian conference with
talks about Blends and try to take any chance to inform about the

A Blend is just another way to structurise the basically flat pool of
Debian packages.  It is user oriented and if you want to answer the
question what should be included into a task please be guided by the
question: What makes sense for a user who needs to work on a certain
(real life task).  The metapackages (which are builded on the basis of
the tasks files) can be used to simplify the installation of packages
which are useful for a certain workfield.  So if you for instance are
dealing with medical imaging just install med-imaging and you can be
sure to have every software package in Debian which is relevant for this
topic installed on your machine (perhaps a bit more but that's no real

The tasks pages[1] as our way to inform our users are based on the very
same data (the tasks files where the metapackages are created from) - so
they serve as the main source of information for Blends.  So in short,
the tasks files should include all packages that "make sense" from a
user perspective.

> I think I'd better read
> http://blends.alioth.debian.org/blends/ pages before giving propositions.

This will not harm in any case and might be reasonable if the summary
above is not sufficient.

> > "possibility").  In fact I suggested "libeeg-dev" just wild guessing
> > that the final development package will get this name - please correct
> > me if my guess was wrong.
> Actually the name of the package will be libeegdev-dev: the first dev

OK, fixed the name.
> > Yes please!  Whatever you do which might be of relevance for medical
> > care in a wider sense, please at least drop us a note.  Subscribing this
> > list would be nice to possibly influence some discussion but I do not
> > want to ask you for this in case you have hard time constraints and can
> > not read this list.
> Yes I've just subscribed to it.

Fine, so I dropped you from CC to not bother your inbox with two mails ...
> >> I think in
> >> particular about libxdffileio-dev:
> >> http://packages.debian.org/sid/libxdffileio-dev
> >> which could fit in Medical data or imaging development.
> > 
> > Is a "Suggests" correct as well or would you rather consider a
> > "Recommends"?
> Argh! I don't know! I would say Suggests.

You don't know but for the moment I trust your sense for what I wrote
above "whatever makes sense".  It can be fixed at any point in time if

Thanks for your clarifications and I hope I was able to give a helpful
introduction.  I would like to add that it is very important to me to
form a team around a Blend where it is fun to work together with.  If we
spend our spare time in Free Software this should be well spent.

Kind regards


[1] http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/


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