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Re: Neobio additional remarks

Thanks Andreas,

I tried to turn the postscript file into an ascii file, but had
not been successful.

This is what I did:
 - cat Crochemore_Landau_Ziv-Ukelson_algorithm.ps | strings
   shortens the file but damages it. The resultinhg file cannot be viewed with

 - Replace non-asci  by an arbitrary letter.
   I tried filter perl -i.bak -pe 's/[^[:graph:]]/A/g'

I think I should give up here and decide not to include the file.
I could add the publisher URL instead



> Hi Christoph,
> I checked neobio packagin again and just added a doc-base file.  When
> doing so I found another critical point which needs to be handled.  The
> source contains
>    neobio/alignment/doc-files/Crochemore_Landau_Ziv-Ukelson_algorithm.{pdf,ps}
> which ftpmaster considers as "binary content without source".  Despite
> the fact that this opinion is somehow questionable it does not make
> sense to negotiate much with ftpmaster about this topic.  So either we
> can provide the latex source for this document or we should simply drop
> it from the source tarball if we want to push the package to Debian
> main.
> In the later case I would give a hint about a download location for this
> documentation in README.Debian (the current content of this file makes
> not much sense anyway because this precondition relation becomes visible
> by Depends / Recommend fields anyway.
> Kind regards
>        Andreas.
> --
> http://fam-tille.de

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