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questions regarding packaging

Please Help,

Thanks so much for your help with neobio. By watching the changes I
have learned a lot.  I will use neobio as a template for further

I am planning debian packages for the protein workbench strap and an
advanced text-viewer.  Both are based on the same jar-file.  Therefore I
consider three packages - is this the right approach?
 1. "strap-base" providing the jar-file
 2. "strap" which depends on strap-base, clustalw  and several others
 3. "strap-text-viewer" which depends on strap-base and doccat.
    This will be a text viewer mainly for plain text
    (but also Winword and perhaps odt and docx)
    Improved search/highlight, Scriptability and
    text size up to several 100MB.

There is already a preliminary version of strap-base in the svn.
It does already produce a strap-base_1-1_all.deb file (-:

Some more questions,

1. Strap has several icons, without an explicit copyright -
   e.g. icons from bioinformatics databases.  Should I better delete
   all those icons to avoid problems?

2. Can I define variables within a code block of a Makefile?
   For example I wanted to put the output of a find-command in a variable
   to reuse this output in a later line.

3. Supposed I am in the directory of some package like
   /trunk/packages/cinema/trunk/.  Is there a simple sequence of
   commands or a single command to perform all steps: (1)Downloading
   the orig, (2) compiling and (3) make the cinema-*.deb file?



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