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Neobio - some questions

Many thanks for helping with the debian/rules and copyright.

The rules file is indeed nicer since the copying is specified in

The shell script usr/bin/neobio needs to be stored as
debian/neobio.sh because of the existing directory with the same
name debian/neobio

Is it right that I cannot use neobio.install for this specific file to get it
in place?
And that I have to have the cp-command in rules:

	mkdir -p $(debtmp)/usr/bin
	cp -a debian/neobio.sh $(debtmp)/usr/bin/neobio

Why do I need the mkdir command at all?  Is not dh_installdirs
taking care of creating directories?  What is neobio.dirs doing anyway?
I thought that this is read by dh_installdirs.  But even if I put
a line usr/bin I still need the mkdir -p $(debtmp)/usr/bin

I tested another approach: Make a directory trunk/debian/usr/bin
and place the shell script within.  I put a respective line in
neobio.install. This worked but I have not seen anything like
this in the other packages. So I did not keep it.



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