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Re: Licsensing scientific data

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 07:18:57AM +0100, Peter Cock wrote:
> > Seems to be a reasonable compromise specifically because you
> > can be qute sure to fetch up to date files.
> Agreed. Of course one of the downsides is you might want to
> also test old data (the formatting of data files from public sources
> like UniProt does change sometimes).

Sure.  But even if we test against the EMBOSS bundled data set we can
only test *one* dataset.  If you want other tests you should do it
manually anyway.
> > is the option to ask a debconf question like
> >
> >   Download test data from UniProt and run test suite after installation?
> >
> >     [Y]es / No
> There are likely to be other datasets that might need to be downloaded
> at test time - I know EMBOSS has functionality to access records from
> many many online resources, so I would think there are many possible
> online tests that could be included. So how about a single more generic
> prompt?

I'm for as much testing as it is reasonable.  So I trust your practical
experience with these programs (which I do not have) to turn the idea of
asking a debconf question to run a reasonable tastsuite (whatever
reasonable might mean here) into something which is helpful for our
> Should a similar prompt be added in the Biopython package script?
> Our tests include some online tests by default (which should be
> skipped gracefully if offline), but offline only mode can also be
> requested (we use this in our nightly builds).

Sure.  Do whatever makes sense for the comfort of our users.

Kind regards



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