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Re: Serbian package description translations waiting for input (Was: Just to say hello)

Quoting Andreas Tille (andreas@an3as.eu):
> Hi Karolina,

Was she CC'ed? Or maybe Karolina is subscribed to -med anyway..:)

Anyway, let's use the brand new -l10n-serbian list now..:)

> Please note:  It might be also quite valuable to not only translate
> descriptions which are relevant for Debian Med.  Please point all your
> friends who enjoyed DebConf to ddtp.debian.net and ask them for
> translations - having all packages in base translated would be a nice
> goal for end summer. :-)

http://ddtp.debian.net/stats/stats-sid.html will help in that. Come
and compete with other teams..:)

If you want to take packages by priority, just move your mouse over
the relevant cells. For instance, moving it over the "Required" column
for Serbian will tell you that you're missing "mawk, hostname, ncurses-base..."

My suggestion would be completing Required, then Important, then
Standard, then Popcon500. After that, you can play with "PopconRank".

Of course, during that time, you can make some Debian Med translations
from time to time, and fight with the nice jargon in some of these

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